Supper Clubs in Early 2022

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In the words of Gordon Ramsey: “Christmas, done”. As ever, it has been an opportunity for us to reflect and plan, and what a plan we have for the first few months of the year. Our events take inspiration and framing from the festivals of the year, using celebratory milestones alongside seasonality to inform what we cook and the stories we create. Here’s what we have planned in early 2022.


January & Burns Night 

We start the year with Burns inspired dinners in both London (22nd) and Amman (28th). This celebration of Rabbie Burns featured in our top five festivals to celebrate blog last year and it’s easy to see why. There’s ritual, ceremony and some absolutely cracking food and drink to offer. Haya has already begun masterminding a Jordanian interpretation of Haggis for Amman based folks and Dom, no doubt, will be working out how to produce yet another knockout dessert and set of pairings from Amber Wines in London. We look forward to getting cosy with you all in the deep winter around our table. For recipe inspiration in the lead up, check out our Burns inspired dinner on our website.  


February & Valentines

Obviously the celebration of love is not limited to Valentine’s Day – it runs through each day in our world. Some might say that love is boundless. However, February does offer a wonderful occasion to celebrate the wonder of love and shared appreciation of each other. We’re going with events slightly later in the month with London hosting on 26th February and Amman on the 25th February. Ben produced an absolute knockout menu for one of our cook-a-longs last year which included a decadent truffle mac and cheese. Whether cooking at home on the actual feast day or joining us later in the month, you can expect a nod to the end of winter with a side of luxurious comfort on the menu. 


March & St Patrick’s Day

Dom and our London outpost will be hosting a Paddy’s day inspired event on Saturday 26th March. As some will know, Dom and his wife, Emma, spent a good deal of 2021 in Cork at Mount Corrin, foraging and feasting through many new dishes, inspired by the surroundings of the garden, the farm and the sea. Rumour has it that Andrew may be in London in March and may well be available to serve as Dom’s Sous Chef. This may also be Andrew’s way of telling his friends they need to pay to see him these days. Not quite sure what to make of that, but we are sure that 26th March will be a magical evening. 


April & Easter 

After a month off in Amman in March, allowing Haya the space to complete her amazing work with the Goethe Institute as part of her food design course, we will be back for a double header of events in Amman on the 15th & 16th of April. Dom will also be hosting on a TBC date, later in the month. It will mark the start of Spring in both the UK and Jordan, offering an opportunity for us to celebrate the new season and change in produce for us to work with, coinciding with the Easter festival. It’s a fair assumption that lamb will feature in both menus.  


Tickets are now available for all the events mentioned and can be secured on the tickets page of our website.