Love, Laughter, Bread, Wine, Dreams

At Vicarage & Sons, you are invited to join in the simple act of sharing food and drink to enrich the relationships you hold dear – old and new, lifelong and lost. And by you, we mean everyone – strangers, friends, family, and even foes.

Join Our Community

You can do this by signing up for supper clubs, cooking new recipes and asking for advice about how to create your own special food and drink experience in your own home.

We are four siblings – Ben, Andrew, Dom and Teresa. We began Vicarage & Sons as a supper club in London back in 2014, hosting dinners for anywhere between 10-25 people in the homes of our friends.

In 2020, we relaunched with the intention of bringing the Vicarage & Sons experience into people’s cooking, eating and drinking at home as well as through the supper clubs and events we host.

Growing up, family meals weren’t just family meals in the vicarage. With Dad a priest and Mum the ultimate host, the dining table on a Sunday would be surrounded by all sorts: the four of us, Mum & Dad, aunts, uncles and grandparent perhaps, visiting priests from near (Bedford or St Albans) and far (Cape Town and Delhi), stragglers from that morning’s congregation at church whom Dad had offered an impromptu invite, old school friends of Mum & Dad’s, the local mayor, a new neighbour and, occasionally, a beggar who’d asked Dad for money on his walk home, and been invited in for food instead. Whatever the combination it was always eclectic including many who’d never met.

Yet by the end of lunch, no matter what the group, no matter how spurious the links, everyone gathered was laughing in unison, new and long forgotten relationships begun and rekindled. And what was it that brought us all together? The simple act of sharing our Mum’s (admittedly delicious) food.

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