V&S Supper Club


Expect beautiful, magical spaces, new friendships and a seasonal and sustainable approach to food, all brought together with love and laughter. Andrew and Haya, our amazing friend, partner and collaborator, launched V&S in Amman in July 2021. You can join us on rooftops, shaded gardens, shabby chic houses and grand dining rooms where you will enjoy standing and seated courses and beautiful wine pairings selected by our sommelier, Erina. We can't wait to host you.

Get Involved

We are back from the (both metaphorical and actual) beach. It’s been a busy summer break for us with families, friends, new ventures & lots of eating & drinking. That all adds up to a whole lot of inspiration as we enter into our final season for 2023.

Such is the demand (THANK YOU) for tickets, we are going to be releasing tickets one event at a time for the rest of the year. Weather permitting, our end of September event will be the last outdoor experience of the year, so make sure you grab those tickets before they sell out!

  • Friday 29 September (Waiting list only)